On November 6th, 2023, a big moment happened, and most people missed it.

OpenAI announced GPT.

Even now, most people don’t get how big a thing it will be for them.

So in this newsletter, let me walk you through this so you understand its importance:

  • What is it?
  • Why it matters?
  • How can it help you?

What is it?

In short, you can customise your own GPT without knowing how to code, without hiring a team, without turning into a geek.

And, here’s the best part, you can build one within 30 minutes.


Which brings me to your next question: “why on earth would I want to build one?”

Why it matters?

In the story of David and Goliath, David emerged victorious.

He won, against all odds, because he leveraged a simple yet powerful technology: the sling.

As a company of one, everyone is bigger than you. Everyone is your Goliath. But on November 6th, 2023, the playing field got levelled.

Because the right tool, used strategically, can dramatically increase the odds of you winning.

A customisable GPT is your sling.

“I kind of get it, but not really.”

Ok, let me give you a real-world example, so you see what I see.

How can it help you?

This is how I am using GPT as a writer who wants to Micro Blog daily.

Context: I make notes on cool phrases, quotes and ideas almost every day.

Therefore, I have thousands of notes.

There’s lots of gold in there, but I can’t always remember what is in there.

Now, what if upload them to a GPT which I will call ‘Brainstorm My Notes.”

But I give the GPT context first.

(Context makes it more precise.)

  • I tell it my writing structure.
  • I tell it what questions to ask me each time before it searches.
  • I feed it with examples of Micro Blogs that I have written.

    It refers to the context each time I ask it to brainstorm my notes. Then when I tell it, for example, that I am writing a piece about “Recovering Introverts” and it gives me three ideas for possible blogs.

    I am NOT using it to write for me. I do that. I am using it to brainstorm ideas from my notes I have collected.

    This dramatically increases my productivity because it gives me the most relevant notes from years gone by that I probably have forgotten.
  • What it sparks are new angles.
  • New ways of looking at it.
  • And it is all from my old notes.

    It makes me, more me.

    Think of this as your Co-Pilot that you can customise to your own specific needs.

    This is my example of how it can help me each day.

    But think about examples of how it can help you. Each day you have workflows that you repeat. There will be things you do each day that a customisable GPT will help you do quicker and better.

    That will FREE UP TIME for you to spend more time on the bits only you can do.

How a Custom GPT will benefit you?

Say, you run a PR agency, what do you each day? Maybe, press releases? What if it could brainstorm angles that would inspire you to think differently. All based on the context you provided of how you write press releases.

It helps you become more you.

Say, you are a life coach, what do you do each day? Maybe, write programmes for clients? It can brainstorm angles for you that would inspire you programme differently. All based on the context you provided of how you write life-coaching programmes.

Zooming out.
A custom GPT is like building your own version ChatGPT but tailored to your specific needs.

You can teach it to write in the style of Shakespeare, solve problems like Albert Einstein or build training routine to get you to run a marathon based on your age, your diet, your diary and how many hills are close by.

It can do a lot. So you can spend more time on where you make the biggest difference.
In my case, I have invested thousands of hours into my notes. I can now brainstorm them in seconds based on my criteria. All of a sudden, it becomes a powerful asset to help my creative writing by using my notes which are unique to me.

It makes me more me.


Buy Now for £49

Why we built this course?

I have used ChatGPT everyday as a research tool since it came out. But when I first started being told about GPT’s, I didn’t understand what a big deal they were. Then I went and built one. Then I started using it.


I understood what a game changer for company of ones and small businesses this was.

Like anything, there is a skill to building them. If you are going to rely on it each day, it’d better be good.

You want to build it like a pro.

That is why we built this.

This course will teach you:

  • How GPTs differ from ChatGPT.
  • How to customise one for your specific needs?
    (Why they are the ultimate writing coach.)
  • How to customise its functionality.
  • How to create your first one in 30 minutes.
  • To craft the perfect prompt. Every single time.

You don’t have to be a geek.

This course is short. Less than 40 minutes. And it won’t send you to overwhelm.

It will help you to harness its potential to help you win.

- Think what does this mean for you?
- What does this mean for your business?
- It lets you win at life as well as business.

Here’s to that.

Imagine, you are in a shed right now. You are a company of one. How do you take on the world?

In three letters: GPTs

Because suddenly everything has changed for you. You now have your own research assistant, your own business strategist, your own legal counsel. The list goes on. Your workforce has exploded in terms of how much it can do for you.

You are a company of one. Plus, a small army of bots all working for you.

In essence your leverage has increased exponentially.

Within 30 minutes you will have an incredible assistant that you never thought was possible.
Designed specifically for you.

Most people don't know about these increased capabilities. They know about ChatGPT but NOT customised GPTs.

Don't be like MOST people.

For just $20/month you have a research assistant/writing coach/ business strategist.

This will supercharge your effectiveness.

We have done the maths. This is 0.33% the price of the median salary for a research assistant in the UK.

Example on how to think:

Let’s stick with writing as that is my thing. This is how to approach it.


Learn how to use your GPT to improve your writing.

You are a LinkedIn micro-blogging expert having written over 300 blogs in the last year. I want you to give me 2 new angles for a post I can write to my audience of 3,000 about the importance of making writing a daily habit.

The majority of the audience are founders and freelance strategists.

I want the tone to be optimistic and informative but not overly enthusiastic. The post should include a tl;dr (too long, didn't read) section at the end. Also, each angle should be 2 bullet points or less.

Boom! It will give you new perspectives to improve your micro-blogs.

Your custom GPT is NOT a replacement for your writing. It is a magnifier for your writing. It is a research and ideation tool like no other. Fine-tune it to your writing needs and whoosh your writing ability will skyrocket.

Now imagine if you did this every day. The quality of your writing over a month, let alone 6 would be unrecognisable.

This is the ultimate writing coach.

Why a custom GPT beats a normal GPT every time.

Tailored Writing-Specific GPT

  • Offers personalised feedback that resonates with your writing style and objectives.
  • Sparks new, context-rich ideas for your topic or story.
  • Flexibly matches your writing style, whether it’s professional articles or creative prose.
  • Structures your writing for impact, guiding you to a compelling flow.
  • Prioritises the protection and confidentiality of your content.

Normal ChatGPT

  • Provides general feedback that might not align with your needs.
  • Generates generic ideas that may require further development.
  • One-size-fits-all style advice that may not fit your genre.
  • Minimal guidance on content organization and flow.
  • Basic privacy measures that may not focus on sensitive material.
  • Basic privacy measures that may not focus on sensitive material.

In case you needed reminding, by writing everyday your:

Writing improves

Thinking improves

Selling improves

Business improves

Life improves

Who wouldn't want that?

With a personal writing coach, your writing will keep improving.

Within 30 Minutes It Can Working For You.

This is actionable. This can be working for you today. This is how a company of one wins.
Not by working longer. No by working harder. But by getting better at being you.
Don’t be put off by the low price, this will transform your day. Every day.

Key Benefits. (Or How David Beats Goliath.)

Precision and Efficiency.
A customized GPT is fine-tuned to your specific business needs and industry nuances.
It can handle a variety of tasks with remarkable precision, from drafting personalized emails to creating content that resonates with your target audience. This level of customization ensures that your efforts are not just efficient but also highly effective, allowing you to compete with larger entities that have more resources.

Agility and Innovation
A custom GPT empowers you with agility in decision-making and innovation. It can analyse trends, suggest new strategies, and help you adapt quickly to market changes.

Scaling Your Capabilities
A custom GPT extends your capabilities far beyond what you could achieve alone. It can automate routine tasks, provide insights from data analysis, and even assist in creative processes, effectively multiplying your productivity without the need for a large team.

Perfecting Prompts Every Single Time

Not only does this course teach you how to build a custom GPT, we have curated a lesson that teaches you to write a perfect prompt.

The most important thing is to learn how to ask the right questions.
- The enemy of specific answers is a vague question – go granular.
- Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer.
- Find the right angle and the best answers will come.

The Perfect Prompt Equation will show you how to become a Pro at asking your custom GPT questions.

The 6-part formula will get you thinking like a Prompt Engineer in 10 minutes.

Mind you, it will take time for it to become second nature but the underlying principles will be at your finger tips.

Vague Prompt

What's wrong with this?

It is a bog standard answer that is vague and generic. It uses 1 out of 6 components for a perfect prompt.

We need to be more granular. We need to ask it a better, more targeted question.

The example below ⬇️ shows how to get the most out of a prompt. It contains 5 out 6 components for a perfect prompt.

Like with anything, ask dumb questions, get dumb answers.

ChatGPT is only as good as the questions you ask it.

The Perfect Prompt Formula will teach you to become a Pro at asking questions.

Giving ChatGPT bad prompts is like driving a Ferrari in first gear.

The Lessons

Lesson 1 - What is a GPT?

Lesson 2 - Build your Custom GPT Part 1

Lesson 3 - Build your Custom GPT Part 2

Lesson 4 - The Difference Between A Response from ChatGPT and from your Custom GPT

Lesson 5 - The Perfect Prompt Formula


You will also get:

  • The GPT instructions David used to make the GPT he discusses
  • The custom GPT Instruction Template
  • Perfect Prompt One Pager
  • 4 x Improve Writing Style through Analysis of Creators Prompts
  • 4 x Derive Actionable Insights from Articles Prompts
  • 4 x Improve Your Social Media Output Prompts

The fun part is the course only takes 63 minutes to complete. Think of it as your GPT espresso.

Cheers to that!

Who is this course for?

  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Agency owners
  • Business owners
  • Company of ones

Who's running it?

David Hieatt. Bankrupt at 16. Thrown out of college at 18. Joined Saatchi and Saatchi at 21. Had a ball. Left advertising to go back to Wales. Started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The DO Lectures, which was voted one of the top 10 ideas festivals in the world by the Guardian. And in 2012 started a company making jeans called The Hiut Denim Co. in his hometown of Cardigan. A town that used to have Britain’s biggest jeans factory. Its purpose is to get 400 people their jobs back. As of today, it now employs 27 people.

Testimonials from the Lazy Discipline – ChatGPT 1.0 Course.

"Loved David’s enthusiasm. It was full of practical ideas. Helped me to dive into AI. It has unleashed a stack of new creative ideas for me. Thank you."

"I'm not a tech person but David talked in terms I could understand"

"Short bite size tutorials that demystify some of the scary stuff about chat GPT. David’s enthusiasm is infectious."

"It was really groundbreaking in terms of showing me how to make the most of chatGPT and also how to lead with emotion in my posts."

"I was quite sceptical about ChatGPT but after watching the course I feel excited to learn how to use it properly."

"It gave me information and steers that I had no idea about in terms of how to get the best out of the AI. I had no idea about anchor notes for example."


We've got the answers.

When will I have access to the course?

Straight away. As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email with your log-in details.

Is this course mine for life?


I have a team and I’d like them to do the course. Do you do group discounts?

Great and yes! Drop us an email at info@thedolectures.co.uk with details of how many people are in your team and we’ll sort something out.

How does this course differ from your others?

This course contains new content that we haven’t shared before. Our secrets. Bite-sized nuggets of gold.

What if I purchase and don’t see the value?

We exist to serve our audience. If you’re not happy, then neither are we. Which is why we offer an iron clad 30 day refund policy from point of purchase. No questions asked.

Will there be bonuses?


Lazy Discipline Custom GPT Course:


30-Day Guarantee. If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.